Trying to recreate 'StepPolyArp' in Drambo, not succeeding

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I've been posting a few times here, trying all kinds of combinations, but not getting anywhere so I have to resort to using third party apps in AUM to do what I need.

I want to create a polyphonic arp or some sort of polyphonic repeater, that triggers when I press a key, NOT when the beat comes around.

I've tried using the Arp module but it's monophonic. I've tried using a simple LFO trigger but I can't loop the MIDI signal back round to the start so that it infinitely triggers. I've tried all sorts but I can't get it to work.

The best example is the chord mode in StepPolyArp, which is exactly what I'm trying to achieve here.

Any ideas?


  • I've solved it! the 'Retrigger' module in MIDI worked like a charm. Don't know why I've missed it all this time - I know there's no help text on it yet. Oh well!

  • I’m not familiar with SPA but if you wanted to arpeggiate chords you can put chord module after the arp to get chord arpeggiation.

    Keeping an eye out on patch storage ;)

  • Nope, the chord module doesn’t allow you to actually play the chord. My method does! Works like a charm.

  • I think you just have to increase the CV voices to have polyphonic arp. I’m just programming on the sequencer but I can arpegiate chords by increasing the voices to 4,8 or however many notes I’m using

  • I know it’s not the same but depending on what you’re after you might be able to achieve similar results using lfo.

  • No, the arp does NOT have a polyphonic chord mode. It’s always mono and always breaks down chords into their note elements and plays them as an arp.

    would be amazing to have a chord mode on the arp

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