CV router workaround

This has been requested often enough but I'd like to share a workaround that I found useful, I guess @Horsetrainer would be interested too. It makes use of the slider and section modules to have a relatively compact and meaningful building block.

The advantage of this one is that by use of the (quantized) Graphic Shapers, you can define any combination and any amount (even smooth crossfades) to route to the outputs. Something that a simple router module will likely never have.

Compact version:



  • Hehe... nice. (and now a 8x8 matrix please)

  • @rs2000

    That's an interesting configuration. Thanks for thinking of me.

    I think Drambo is the coolest Music App ever.

    Designing analog synths fascinates me. So I have to do the best I can with what I have to work with.

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