Drambo equivalent of Ableton racks “chain select ruler” functionality?

Hi all, long time lurker coming out of the woodwork with a question I’ve been stumped on. I’m looking to create a Drambo equivalent to an Ableton midi effect rack I use on desktop for composition, consisting of x64 midi effect chains, each comprised of transpose and chord effects with distinct settings, and a macro knob mapped to the rack’s chain select ruler to select between them. Can Drambo do this? I’ve studied patches that others in the community have made that use things like the CV Sequencer module, or Graphic Shaper in conjunction with XY grid modules, to select specific groups of modules, but am a bit stumped as to whether my specific use case is actually possible in this environment. The goal is to be able to p-lock a midi effect chain per step and/or control with a CC or scene mapping. Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated (including using Drambo with other iOS apps if necessary). Thanks!


  • Good question, and I'm sure folks will have an answer. But I'd just be concerned about the CPU load of the 64 FX chains running all the time, and for every voice. Because Drambo cannot currently disable components that do not contribute to the output. I suppose that the Ableton "chain select ruler" may do that.

  • @wfclarke Basically it's possible but from a very recent experiment I can tell that it only really makes sense with monophonic input. As soon as you want to process incoming chords, you'll find yourself in the middle of countless math modules and most likely paper sketches with logic diagrams that define the chord processing.

    Are you up to it?

  • Good point about CPU @uncleDave. I could see that being an issue!

    @rs2000 Yes, I’m up for it! That makes sense. I should have mentioned that, in my use case, the input is always monophonic, single-note midi events, and the output is always a four-note chord. I don’t mind if the solution is involved - it’s nice to have a clearly defined goal while learning an open-ended environment like this :)

  • @wfclarke That's good.

    Let me finish my "MIDI note mangler" first. When I'm done, I'll upload it to Patchstorage with the next official Drambo update.

    That could take a little while...

  • @rs2000 Sure thing! No rush, I appreciate your willingness to help. Sounds like a cool patch, looking forward to playing with it.

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