Drambo - +Folder, Import, & Select Current Folder Menu

These menu items at the top of the Drambo drop down menus no longer work for me after this last update. Has anyone seen this?


Heard from the developer, it's an issue with the latest IOS update. Yes, I do know better than to update. No, I don't know why I did it.


  • indeed, i'm on ios 14 too...... doh!

  • Same here. Can’t create or select folders, can only save projects under root “Documents”. It sucks.

    You can create folders when saving an instrument preset, you can’t do anything with the project. Tested in standalone and AUV3.

    glad I found this, was going bunkers

  • Same here. I bought Drambo the other day and watched some tuts on youtube and noticed I could not save songs to any location of choosing. I too updated to ios14.1 beforehand so one hopes this will fixed in the next update. For now I can still explore the environment as I have a lot to learn.

  • It's very unfortunate that Apple's managers have decided to push yet another messy release, with similar consequences for musicians as the previous flawed initial release of MacOS Catalina.

    Anyway, not all is lost. A simple workaround:

    • Get the free Readdle Documents from the Appstore
    • Enable WiFi and activate "WebDAV" in Drambo's burger menu. Check the URL shown under "Enter this address:"
    • Open Readdle Documents and find "Connections => + Add Connection" on the left column
    • Hit it, choose "WebDAV Server" and enter the URL under URL. Give the connection a name, e.g. "Drambo".
    • Tipp: If you enter the IP address instead of the address shown, this connection will work in any WiFi network as long as Drambo and Documents are both on the same device.

    You now have a convenient "remote file browser" for Drambo to create folders, move files around, rename, back up etc.

    Enjoy 😊

  • Thanks for this, I started setting it up this weekend and got distracted. Good to know it works though. Now if I could find a work around to being able to map a folder of samples easily, I'd be back in business.

  • this issue is fixed in beta so hopefully you wont have to wait too long now.

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