Sampler to have more useful features.

  1. To play all layers at once
  2. Timestretch.
  3. To control the pan of each layer.
  4. Route each layer to other modules for effects etc.

To conclude to have more options to be able to manipulate each sample layer independently.

Thank you.


  • +1 :) Some separate outputs to route different keyzones out of would be huge...

  • Yes greatly so. I am from a sampling background and I have found the sampler side of Drambo somewhat rather lacking. One hopes this will be addressed in future updates.

  • Im sure there’s tons of great stuff coming down the line as JJ works through the pile :)

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    I just wish there were a way to bulk save samples - I've been sampling a lot with the 'sample to key' feature, but naming and saving each one to location is a buzzkill. If it could auto generate names based on the note # the sample is set to, and bulk save the whole key group to a specified folder that would save sooooo much headache.

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    Developing a sampler with more features than Virsyn AudioLayer alone is something that can keep a developer busy for more than a year, so I guess that's going to take some time, especially with all the other features on the list, AUv3 support included. 😉

  • Thanks for all your comments. And thanks to the developer for such hard work. It is appreciated.

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