Jambo v1

Is on route with updated firmware.

I received a confirmation message today and it should be with me soon.


Jambo is a DIY midi controller designed specifically with dRambo in mind.



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    looks a little small with a mans hand next to it?

    (I have big hands)

  • Ooh cool, thanks for posting @Gravitas! Pumped to see what you do with it 🎚

  • @orchid

    No problem.

    I'm currently training myself up.

    A good excuse to delve into scenes and p-locking.

  • Jambo has arrived.

    Pictures to follow.

  • Looks cool man, personalised message et al.

    I have to say though, I find it hard to get excited about 2 knobs and a slider, I’ve always gone for most control per square inch approach.

    What does it do that makes it top shelf? Do buttons act as switches like in midi fighter?

  • Ok, just watched the vid again. So it is basically a scene switcher plus morph slider? It looks good, I give you that but selecting scenes on the fly via a knob seems rather hit and miss, as in, wide margin of error.

  • True, it could be rather hit and miss, that's when planning ahead comes into play.

    As both knobs can change scenes, you can pre-select the scene before you morph into it

    and as each scene stores p-locking info you can p-lock multiple modulations.

    For instance, one scene has no effects, another scene has only effects,

    another scene has everything playing and the next scene has only drums.

    Morphing opens up the expression for synths, textures and multiple modulations.

    Obviously this could be done with any generic midi controller that has

    two rotary switch encoders and a fader but I also like the fact that it's a dedicated

    controller for dRambo.

  • Can’t wait to hear what you will come up with using this :)

  • Me neither. :)

    I've done the first draft of wiring and it works.

    I need to get solid core wire as I used multi stranded cable

    which is also a good excuse for me to neaten up the wiring

    and I've also got a few things happening for it's enclosure now.

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