Series of sound design and synth patch

This is a series of sound design and synth patch for the GREAT Drambo hehe.


The first is a drone patch, with a resonant low pass filter to play with.


  • This anotger patch, but this time, more utility patch than simple synth.

    It is a scale controled by keyboard, in layered mixer.

    For the moment you can play major simple scale ( whitout #), but you can make modifications easier.


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    Another test, without randomize note, just with arp and chord for each note from c2 to b2, each layer synth can be parameter with is own fx etc. Is very cool to get variation and « color » to a patern. And with P-Lock add, is just very fun!! Hehe

    This is just a video, the patch will comming later, maybe in the weekend.

    Thanks ;)

  • Space Organ with 2 osc and 1 sub osc, lfo control Filter.

    Enjoy ;)

  • thanks for including the preview videos and patch images on patchstorage. I think that’s a good practice that more patch makers should adopt.

    keep up the great work!

  • Thank you @aleyas :) i will try to put video every time a post a patch.

    The patch image is not complete, because its a screenshot, but i think i can put this on zip files with the patch itself, it is a good idea ;)

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    Another one, more dark, more ambient.

    Yesterday, i watched a horror serie, and in the same time worker on this patch, in a certain moment, a cut the sound of the movies because I thought that is inside the film hahaha, the live making patch with a movie is cool :)

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