Help diagnosing a patch issue, maybe a bug?

I've found a really weird issue with this patch I'm working on. Its a wavetable/fm poly synth, also including feedback routings and a supersaw.

The issue I'm facing is that the audio isn't consistent across all voices polyphonically. It's really weird.

If you load the attached patch you'll notice that the sound wavers every 8 steps. Here are the things I've noticed that seem really odd:

  • If you remove the supersaw section (in layer 2) the patch will sound the same. but if you then save and reload the wavering stops
  • If you delete BOTH the supersaw and feedback routing in the from the main mixer "Mixer" (layer 3), the wavering stops. Even though they are both already at min volume. If you only delete one of the two, nothing happens.
  • If you delete Main Fbck from WT FM Sources (sources for the wavetables fm, layer 1) the wavering stops immediately, even though the mix is already at zero.

This feels buggy to me, but I've had other experiences in the past where I've though there is a bug but its just me not understanding polyphony. I appreciate any help y'all can give, I've tried to remove as much of the patch as I can but its still somewhat complicated.


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