Shards (weirdo buffer/delay/looper/mangler)

Fun 3 channel multiple buffer/looper/mangler/delay weirdo fx thing been working on for couple weeks. Loosely based on pedals like Count To 5, Mood, Microcosm etc..

Also has different play modes (default, keys, keys+env)... & Switch vs Blend for the channels...

Full Instructions/better videos later today...Some parts of it are poss kinda confusing without 🤪

Main thing that’s not obvious is that for mode 3 (delay based looper), you need to pull the ‘mode 3 start/reset’ slider fully up to get the loop rolling. Slider fully down = off/reset, anywhere else = delay length (instead of loop). And press the ‘mode 3 Rec’ button to record in to that mode 3 loop.....

Better instructions/video to follow but here’s video from during testing that touches on a bunch of the functions 🗣🧠


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