How does iCloud folder work with samples?


I can see that you can save and load a Drambo project to and from the Drambo projects iCloud folder.

But what about the samples folder?

I assumed if I dumped a load of samples in there, they would all show up in Drambo. Doesn’t seem to be the case.

The only thing I can find is that if you’ve already loaded a sample info flexi sampler or whatever, you can click on the sample, then hit save and choose iCloud as the destination. I don’t see the point though, if you then can’t load that sample again.

Can someone shed some light? @giku ?


  • Agree! It’s an old issue

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    " I don’t see the point though, if you then can’t load that sample again."

    the point is

    you save your project with all samples to icloud.

    now u can download your project to another device ...

    never a missing sample in your projects. :)

    now you have the same project on two devices

    sync them with Ableton link

    and start to fool around. :)

  • Why don't you use Drambo's WebDAV?

    Once set up, it works so well and transferring files between different iDevices and/or desktop machines is so much faster on your local network than with iCloud.

  • Sounds efficient - I just don’t want to have to keep multiple devices synced up manually like that. Ideally you’d just import samples to the iCloud Drambo folder and Drambo on all my devices just finds the same samples automatically.

    I wonder if it’s supposed to put the samples in there when you choose ‘save with samples’ when saving a project to iCloud? It doesn’t do that either though, I tried it earlier.

  • @gregsmith After enabling "save with samples", try saving the project under a new name using "Save as".

  • Makes no difference. Does it work that way for you?

    Just a guess but I wonder if it was intended to store samples for iCloud projects, but then @giku made it so that ‘save with samples’ saves everything in the project file instead?

    If this is the case then I guess that’s ok, although it would necessitate saving a project each time it changes. When using an app as an auv3, you don’t usually save patches separately in all those apps. You just save the overall AUM preset or whatever and state saving does the rest.

  • @gregsmith indeed, the samples are saved with the project file, like instrument or sampler/Flexi/shot sampler presets are saved with samples embedded in the preset file.

    This is done for different reasons:

    • If the samples were saved on local storage again, you'd quickly end up with lots of samples that are not directly related to any preset and only creating a proper folder structure for yourself would keep them in order but that's what you can do already.
    • If the samples weren't saved with the preset of the project, it would be an annoying job to pick all samples related to a preset/project manually and export and import each separately.
    • Even if you zipped the whole set, importing and extracting them on someone else's Device will most likely mess up their folder structure which most likely follows a different concept. But you're still free to do that now with your favorite WebDAV client.

    Another note: When "saved with samples" locally, currently all samples will be stored in the preset/project file in uncompressed form, and there will be some overhead because of the file encoding. If you want to save space, you can use compressed audio samples (I have good experiences with Apple's own MPEG 4 audio as .m4a, .mp4 at 128..160kbps rate) in your samplers, put the samples in a folder below the preset file (I'd recommend exactly the same name for the final preset) and zip them all using e.g. Readdle Documents used as a file manager on the same device.

  • I'm gonna add iCloud storage to samples to upcoming update.

  • This is what I assumed. It just means the mystery of what the iCloud samples folder is for remains unresolved.

    Awesome! Thanks for replying

  • Hi @giku - has iCloud stuff changed at all in 2.0? Does the iCloud samples folder work now?

  • Does @giku visit here much? I’ve tried the folder and it doesn’t seem to have changed anyway. Maybe in a future build.

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