Drambo vs Groove Rider GR-16?


Before buying Drambo I was considering buying the GR-16 groovebox.

I've seen a lot of tutorials for both, and finally settled on Drambo.

Today I am very happy with my Drambo, but I see that they have cut the price of the GR 16 in half, and I was tempted to buy it.

My question is, what is the most significant difference between the two? It makes sense to buy the Gr-16 with the Drambo. Are they in competition with each other or are they complementary?


  • I don’t have GR-16 but since I bought Drambo I deleted most of pre-made apps I have because I couldn’t cope with inflexibility and other limitations.

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    I've used both apps a lot.

    If you don't like creating modular synths and "just make some music" then GR16 is great.

    It's an efficient and very well designed app.

    The biggest difference is that with GR16, you can start making music right away.

    I would describe Drambo as an advanced modular groovebox that goes far beyond what you can do with GR16, if you're willing to invest the time to learn.

    Apart from a dedicated UI of course, I can't think of anything GR16 would add that can't be done in Drambo.

    But you know, like with all DAWs and grooveboxes, it's a matter of taste and switching DAWs (if you have the time) can spark some new ideas at times.

  • Thanks for your comment. sounds reasonable.

    Yes, I am interested in experimenting with modular synthesizers, but I was attracted by the apparent ease of use of the Gr. It clearly replicates what is offered by an Electribe, but in an iPad format, which for me is more intuitive and easy to use.

    I read that the audio quality of the Gr is impressive, and that they use it within Drambo as a possibility to expand the sonic palette. but I am already quite satisfied with Drambo, and I always feel that I still do not use it to the maximum of its possibilities.

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    Indeed GR is the better version of an Electribe with its own workflow but if you have the Drambo Wavetable IAP, there's nothing that GR does and Drambo doesn't.

  • Thank you all for the comments!

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    Fwiw, having used both I’d continue to stick with Drambo. In the end it will offer you the most flexibility and performance for your musical needs. GR-16 is a great app, but Drambo is a complete tool in my opinion for creating complete and finished music in a way that GR-16 doesn’t compare.

    Drambo is deep, but like the ocean, a lot can be accomplished in shallow waters 👊🏼™️

    And when you’re ready…the beauty and mystery of the deep awaits to be discovered.

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    Just go with multiple instances of GR-16 running inside Drambo. 😜

  • it's true. You're right. I was playing with the GR-16 for a while. As you have already told me, it is very simple to start making some music immediately, but I find Drambo much more inspiring and with better possibilities.

    Later I will try to install some specific lines made with the GR-16 inside Drambo. Thank you all. this is a great forum!

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