Support for 16 out in Drambo AU

I'd love to have 16 multi-out tracks for Drambo AU. A few AUs like FAC Drumkit and EG Pulse provide 16 channels. This is especially useful for drums, which I love using Drambo for. Thanks!


  • +1 it will also be very useful for interfacing with Eurorack.

  • Yeah, absolutely.

  • Do these AUv3s have 16 stereo channels or 16 mono? Because if its 16 mono, Drambo already supports this it just combines the mono tracks into pairs.

    I tried looking up the AUv3 specs for this but failed. I don't own either of these apps to check how they work.

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    @quartzite it's for using dRambo as an auv3 in AUM for instance rather than instandalone

    and agreed dRambo does already support 16 in/outs in standalone.


    Thinking about it you're right, even when hosted there's 16 mono in/outs as there's 8 stereo pairs.

  • Yeah, I'm thinking of 16 stereo outs total in the AU. From a track / per output basis, this would be easier to configure.

  • I misunderstood the topic being about Drambo as an AUv3! But yea if AUv3 supports 16 stereo stream output max, it'd be nice to have that for the Drambo AUv3 someday

  • @auxmux yeah, that's what I was initially thinking myself.

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