Setting automation ranges

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One feature which would be great for automation is supporting for ranges, so that mapped / automated parameters are not always from 0 to 100%.

Rather a range can be applied, so if say filter cutoff is at 25 and add automation is added, the value can be incremented based on the range of 0 to 50%, or even inverse like 50% to 0%. This is possible in Ableton and AUM where incoming midi can be applied to a particular range of the target. It's similar in Eurorack / VCV where some lfos or envelopes can be unipolar like 0-2v or bipolar for a defined range like -2v-2v, and not always from a full range of 0-10v.


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    Agree, that would be nice.

    Until then, a simple workaround is applying automation first to a Knob module, and then have that knob modulate your automation target. By inserting a Scale+Offset module after the Knob, before the mod target, you'll be able to achieve the same kind of inversion+scaling of your automation lane. If your target doesn't have a mod input arrow, then you can modulate a Morph module with the Automation->Knob-> Scale+Offset combo instead.

  • Interesting, cool recommendations, will try that.

  • It should also be possible to define the range/zoom for the Y-Axis in the automation editor.

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