A switch for Toggling control hiding on/off .. On a per-module basis

I posted a feature request over on the V2.0 Audiobus thread. I'll post it here too.

I really like the V2.0 ability to hide controls in the compact view.

But I’m thinking it would be really cool to be able to have a “switch” for each module to toggle the control hiding on and off.. on a per module basis.

Compacted racks could then be kept uncluttered by hiding the long rows of modulation controls. Tapping a switch on each module would toggle hiding and showing on/off for any hidden controls in a module.

Maybe an upward swipe on the compact view header of each module as the hide/show switch.

Or perhaps re-purpose the section module by adding a setting in it so it can be used only to “Toggle Control Hiding”. Then that section module positioned to the left of any module might be used to Toggle the hiding for the module to its right.

The desired result is to be able to build a complex rack.. Compact that rack with hidden modulation controls… But then be able to tap a switch that un-hides modulation controls for adjustment, and then hides them again when finished… All while remaining in the compacted rack view.


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    Something similar is already possible: You can use the Section module for that purpose.

    By that you can "extend" an existing set of knobs anywhere you like, to the left or right.

    In this example, you would simply tap on the "MOD MATRIX" bar to open or close it.

  • I think the OP is referring to the little 'attenuators' that appear on the module's UI every time you setup a modulation.

    Imagine you have an envlope, LFO and Velocity all modulating a filter cutoff, that's 3 little attenuators that are cluttering up the module, and would be convenient if these could be hidden/collapsed.

  • Ah, you're certainly right @tk32. I agree it would be useful.

  • That’s right… All those little ‘attenuators’ (in Ver. 2) have the ability to be hidden in the compact view.

    As a test, I noticed it’s possible to tap on a ‘attenuator’ while in the compact view, pull up its menu, and hide it without leaving the compact view. The module shrinks to fit the remaining non-hidden controls.

    Based on that, I’m guessing there could be a way to provide one ‘global switch’ for each module to turn the ‘hidden’ status on and off for only those controls that are already hidden.

    That would allow for only showing those little ‘attenuators’ when you need to adjust them.

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