Strange octave change with Osc

Hello :)

In a first time, congratulations for the version 2.0, it’s amazing!

Make drone and dark ambient it very easy with this version, and the automation feature it’s fantastic.

I have notice a strange « bug » when i load a new Osc, no matter which, it is 2 octave up. It’s the same when i load a patch i have already finish. Maybe another user also saw this bug.

Is not all the time, then if i can record it, i will do.

Thanks ;)


  • Hi!

    I've never seen this happen here.

    My wild guess is that the last key played on that track was a C4. Adding a new OSC will then play the C4 pitch.

  • Thanks for responding me, it happened another time, but by reloading the project, everything is back to normal.

    I can't say why it happens, it's not necessarily disturbing because I know my patches, so I hear when a sound isn't normal, and I reload the project.

    I will test in live use, and I will see if it is repeated.

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