The only thing in the update which doesn’t work for me.

@giku I’ve posted about this in the AB Forum but was advised that the best way to get feedback seen by you was to post here instead.

I love to use Drambo and it gets better and better with every update - thanks. This latest update has introduced something which doesn’t work for me though.

There is now a system in place to decide whether the note names are displayed on active sequencer steps or not based on display size and number of bars shown.

I can see the logic of it for sure - it makes sense if you have many, many bars displayed to not show the note names - but, in my opinion, the implementation needs refining or, ideally, the feature needs to be optional from the settings. Currently it’s a bit too eager to not show the note names on my device even though there is seemingly enough space to do so.

On my iPad 9th Generation in portrait format it won’t show note names if there’s anything more than one bar shown…since the device width is as much as an iPhone in landscape format, that seems a bit extreme. Maybe my device is just the awkward inbetween size where the new implementation doesn’t quite work or seem to make sense?

I know you can tap on the bars (in the central pattern display next to the transport buttons) to display them individually and therefore, in my case, have the note names displayed but that seems like an unfortunate workflow obstacle to introduce.

Hopefully you will see this feedback and consider refining the feature or making it optional? It is, after all, really useful to see the note names displayed. I’m a huge admirer of Drambo and love to use it but I’ve got to be honest and say that this, for me personally, decreases the user workflow experience rather than improving it. Everything else, amazing!


  • Thanks for the feedback. If you need this, others would need this as well. I'm gonna add an option to show them.

  • That’s brilliant, thank you so much @giku , it really will improve the user experience for me. Amazing. Sincere thanks, cheers.

  • So, after the update today (thanks), I can now see note names if two bars are displayed in portrait format but any more than two and they disappear again. I thought you were going to have an option to show them rather than have the automated decision made for users?

    Having lived with this since first reporting it, I can absolutely confirm that it really is a workflow backstep for me. I feel this is form over function for me personally.


    By the way, the Convolver still doesn’t show up in any tagged category?

  • Or am I just remembering things incorrectly? Is it now back to the way it was before the 2.25 update regarding the note names being displayed?

  • I readjusted appearance treshold, it's close to what we had before 2.25 update.

    Thanks, convolver will be listed in tags on upcoming update.

  • Heya Giku! Can you please check whats up with track pads (on the clip launcher) enlargement? On my iPad Pro M2 with iOS 17, they won't enlarge at all. I know, it's a minuscule thing; I’m just reporting. 😌

    The only thing I have different on this iPad is the enabled ‘More Space’ option regarding system settings.

    Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Display Zoom -> More Space

  • Cool, thanks for clarifying @giku. Personally, I would have preferred to have the option to switch the threshold off and return it to exactly as it was before 2.25, but if this is as good as it’s going to get then so be it. Cheers.

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