lets get crazy, sine waves and distortion


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    saw this long time ago.. that guy is genius .. absolutely fantastic example of advanced sound design..

    everybody should watch this.. eye opening snd inspirative

  • the guy looks a little like he just came from the bathroom to powder his nose,

    but change the process change the outcome gives me something to chew on. :)

  • Oh yeah, Mick Gordon is the $hit!

  • I fucking love the Doom 2016 soundtrack and the game for that matter.

    In my opinion Emptyset - Recur uses a lot of the same signal processing concepts that Mick used on it. Balancing distorted tones with noise and feedback to get some really lovely crusty bass frying bacon earthquake sounds.


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    this seems to do the job (without the feedback loop)

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    Comments from Fumio Mieda

    As of 2022, sixty years have passed since the first compact effects unit, the Maestro Fuzz-Tone was released. Even nowadays, distortion-based effects including overdrive and distortion are the mainstay for guitar effects units, and the vast majority of these effects units are simply rehashing the sounds of the past. For this reason, we’ve developed a new kind of distortion based on harmonic synthesis that covers both traditional and all new sounds.

    (I think its the guy that developed the ms-20 ?)

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    this does hm, other distortion

    the plasma thing sounds like a heavy metal thing with a gate 🤷🏻‍♂️

    (but the light looks cool)

    the harmonic distortion does something completely different

    its different fuzzes interacting with each each other

    its really different

    it wild and chaotic, it modulates

    its really full of weird harmonics,

    sometimes reminds me of ringmodulator or something in that direction, its really extreme 😁

    the harmonic distortion thing is the next box im going to buy :)

    I dont want to play guitar ;)

    I have all the light crunch analog boxes I wanted, now it's time for ultra thick.

    this seems to be made exactly for what I have in mind. and I dont have anything with tubes, yet.

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    this is with these "new tubes" too,

    I wanted to check them out ...

    they are supposed to be low noise, so it checks all the boxes for me.

    it kind of completes the tool kit totally for me. :)

    I sure dont want to connect 20 stomboxes like shown above, it will be a noisy mess no matter what you do. to many points of errors. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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    its all on guitar,

    but thats sounds like the "kaputt" I want. 😀

    wait until he turns all 3 dials up ...

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    it has this "dead battery" sound I was looking for 😋

  • oh cool thx. 😎

    dont try this at home kids.

    Doesnt work with anything.

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