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I have Drambo AU hosted in Drambo standalone so that all drums are on the first track in standalone Drambo. Each of the 8 tracks in the AU Drambo have flexi samplers with a drum hit in each: kick, snare Etc.. When I add steps for the kick in 4x4 pattern in the AU Drambo, I hear the kick hitting. When I add a step for snare at every other kick, I hear the snare sound on every single kick. Must be something to do with Drambo in Drambo? I'd like to be able to engage the stem recorders on every track in the Drambo AU so that when I do a live jam with the standalone all the drums will render individual audio. Then I can export the recorded samples from the AU and also the standalone to desktop for arranging. Is that possible? Is there a better way?

Guessing all the drum tracks in the AU Drambo need to be routed somewhere in the standalone Drambo?


  • Where do you add the steps? I guess you would naturally use the sequencer inside the AU but reading your issue, I'm not sure.

  • may i ask why are you doing it in such complicated way, when you just can add sub tracks into main track ? so you can have main track "drums" and then sub tracks "kick", "snare","hihat",.. etc in one Rambo.. feeels much simpler to me that this encapsulated madness :)

  • I wanted to add the steps in the AU so I can see them all at the same time on the bigger piano roll.

    Haha, yea I thought I might be overcomplicating things. I need to look further at the modules and routing. Haven't had time to really devote to Drambo studies lately, but will try to do it a sub track way later today.

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    Yeah .. you just go inside one of main track and add another tracks .. here i added 2 more sub-track into track 1:

    just beware of one thing.. when you are inside track and you hit [+] - you don't see "Track" in "Generators/Devices" .. you need actually to search for "Track" and then it appears and you can add it

    Even cooler is it doesn't end there - you can add subtracks into subtracks .. Drambo is really only one app on iOS, with exception of Nanostudio 2, which allows basically infinite amount of subtracks in subtracks in subtracks ..

  • Thanks @dendy I didn't know that!

  • Yes, thanks much @dendy. I also didn't know that. Been a while since I read the manual.

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