Where are my audio unit instruments?

I just installed Drambo and only see three audio unit instruments. In a few tutorials I watched, I saw tens of these. Where are mine?


  • Are you referring to the stock Apple auv3's or third party auv3's?

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    I don't know, I just see


    -drambo 8 outs

    -factor (which is paid :( )

    Look at this video at the 4:57 mark:


    How do I get those? Are these synths, by the way? Because that is what I am looking for.

    Working on an ipad.

  • You have to buy those.

    dRambo doesn’t come with third party auv3’s except for

    the stock Apple auv3’s which are really good by the way.

    I would suggest that you go over to the Audiobus Forum and start a thread there

    in regards to the auv3’s that you would like to know about or have.

    Also visit https://patchstorage.com/platform/drambo/ for free presets specifically for dRambo.

  • It's worth mentioning that a lot of what third party AUv3 instruments and effects do can also be built inside Drambo. You won't have a fancy dedicated user interface but Drambo's UI is often straightforward and useful enough for the purpose.

    Depending on what you need, you either have to build them on your own or just download and use the work of other Drambo users from Patchstorage for example. They're all free over there!

    It's really worth taking the time to explore what's on Patchstorage (see @gravitas' link above) and see which of them would serve you the best.

  • Ok I don't think drambo is for me. I just want to make music.

    I have issue a refund.

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    Drambo is for anyone who wants to make music on ios/macs. It took me a few days to understand, and I only know a fraction of what it can do, but if you are looking to produce music , dRambo is the best tool, definitely to start with.

    you might be thinking about Zenbeats 3 (it has instruments, synths, drums) but there is also logic, GarageBand and Cubasis 3. Beatmaker 3 too but not many instruments really .

    drambo does stuff none of them can do, but if your looking for built in ready made instruments and stuff Zenbeats 3 is my recommendation (definitely not gadget or nanostudio 2 if you don’t like dRambo)

    do you own any other software? Or is this your first music software?

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    Thanks for your reply. I have made music using FL studio many years ago, but was quite into it back then. So I know a little bit about synthesizing, sequencing and mixing.

    I feel drambo just has a too steep Learning curve which will force me to focus on the technology of song creation, instead of the artistic part. Just the fact that i have to add a processor module after an oscillator to stop it from sounding...

    I could figure out the different functions and screen of drambo, but had expected a tool in which I could create something acceptabele sounding in the first (few) hour(s). I need a few advanced software synths with some good presets in order to do that, not just the plain oscillator. I had expected the Zeeon synth to be part of Drambo!

    Maybe fl studio mobile is more for me, but I think this will be quite restricted in possibilities. I will check out Zenbeats 3!

  • @woezel1980 on that note I would recommend starting with Garageband to reacquaint yourself with D.A.W’s

    and once you’re familiar with DAW’s once more progress to either Cubase 3, Zenbeats or Logic Pro.

    Each have their strengths and weaknesses but are instantly equipped

    to have good quality sounding instruments without to steep a learning curve.

  • I would recommend Korg Gadget, that's been my favorite song composition tool for a long time.

    There's a free LE version with less included instruments but full sequencing features.

  • +1

    Gadget is really cool.

    I recommended the DAW’s because Gadget doesn’t have timeline recording and those ones do.

  • @woezel1980 - Why not start with GarageBand? It's free and sounds like it has everything you want. At any rate, it's the most logical starting place.

  • FL Studio Mobile might be of interest as well. It's not much like FL Studio desktop but has some familiar elements. I don't care for it too much, but as a self contained environment not needing external synths, it's not bad.

  • Thank you all for your support! :)

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