Drambo and pattern divisions

I’d love to get to use Drambo with different time signatures but my brain hurts when I try to set Drambo’s sequencer to play basic signatures.

What I find in Loopy Pro is simple and musical and is reflected in the metronome sound as well visually corresponds to what’s visible in the Loops.

I’d rather not use step components as they’re tedious to set up when I want all of the patterns to change length.

Even if I wanted to use jump component I’d still wouldn’t be able to have auto grow.

Any ideas are very welcome.


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    At least, arbitrary step lengths can now be defined but I wish that speeds and the metronome would allow for much more musical freedom.

    We can now use the sequencer module too but as you say, it's still a lot of preparation for getting from idea to sound.

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    Where did you get this pop up window? I’ve spent the last half an our on my phone and iPad and cannot see it.

  • I’m not just asking for the sake of it. There’s a potential for jamming with some ethno crowd and the rhythms are often not 4/4.

  • Oh sorry, I should have mentioned it...

    And if you need a metronome per track (which helps when you have different tracks with different meters):

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    Oh wow, that’s super useful.

    I’ve been away from D for a while and clearly missed that addition, or maybe just wasn’t paying enough attention 🙄.

    I remember having a chat about having a global way to add/subtract steps with @giku a while back, way before the visuals took over 😇

    Off to try the adaptive metronome trick. Thanks

  • The main problem I currently see is that when I set the number of steps to 12 the auto grow doesn’t double the bar but assumes that the next bar is 16. so if I start autogiros with 12 steps and record 2 bars I’ll end up with a total of 28 steps instead of 24. 

    So ideally I’d love to see this on pattern level but having auto grow calculating bars correctly would already make it somewhat useable. Albeit not quick to use.

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