Drambo could remember the built-in MIDI Keyboard "lock" state when opening/loading Projects

As my Drambo testing marathon continues, I'm noticing a minimal but noticeable little annoyance related to Drambo's built-in MIDI controller keyboard surface behaviour.

Whenever I open up a session, whether with Drambo as a Standalone, or with Drambo within AUM, I'm noticing that the "lock" state of Drambo's MIDI keyboard is never remembered. This invariably causes me to accidentally move the alignment of the keys on Drambo's built in keyboard right after reopening a project, after which I have to rectify the unwanted change and hit the lock icon again.

The impact of this is a slight degradation in the perceived quality of my experience using Drambo. It wastes a little bit of time for the users that get caught with this "hiccup", and in my case causes a small frustration.

In my opinion it would make Drambo more "ergonomic" if there was a possibility to enable a function to persistently remember whether or not the user last set the MIDI keyboard lock ON/OFF.


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