New Mixer Update



  • Agreed. :)

    However the priority for me is a midi matrix.

    A midi matrix would sort out a lot of things right now especially with external hardware

    combined with that a midi thru on the midi mapping and the ability to choose the midi controller as well as channel.

    Not asking for much at all. ;)

  • yes a matrix is usefull and nice to work with, but at first the develop god must be focus and concentrate on the expandable mixer with more functions etc 🙏🏻😂

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    Btw. It still blows my mind how Giku single handedly managed to create this whole Drambo madness ... it's just incredible. It has complexity of product developed by whole team of developers. I understand it was multi years journey to get where it is now, but still .. as a developer who is working during last 6 years on relatively large app, i have MAD respect to this masterpiece.

  • It only takes one man with a vision... I guess it helps that one man is a genius with a heart of gold

  • Fight the power!

  • I agree with everything everyone has stated on this thread.

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