Building a Benjolin.

Am inspired to get making a benjolin after watching Hainbach's recent video:

the routing seems relatively straightforward, 2 triangle oscillators that can modulate each other going through a low pass filter.

The thing that is a bit more tricky is the rungler, a sort of s&h mixed with pitch shifter

as explained by the creator of the synth:




  • These are some interesting concepts to explore, thanks for sharing the inspiration (Rob Hordijk is legend)

    my 5min attempt at figuring how this could start.Depends much on finding the sweet spot of the feedback modulation amount and initial pitch of the oscilators (a finetuned morph affecting all 4 knobs would be my way going forward)

    Can make noises similar to the video, and there’s a wide span of combinations that give completely different results

  • It’s not much of a setup :) just first take from skimming the description. It does make noises :)

    The SR in the description is a bit-SR as usual in modular, but in drambo you get the SR to store a value not just a bit. That’s why there’s mention of a DAC using 3 bits to generate a value, but we don’t need that in drambo.

    The idea is interesting, open to possibilities. Well anything that involves feedback is interesting and opens possibilities.

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    Disregard everything I said, this is waaay more complex.

    Let me just get my foot out of my mouth…

    For starters the oscillators are cross modulated. That sent me on a rabbit hole… I understood like 1% (but it was quite inspiring, so thanks for that!, and we’re dealing with chaos theory 😅)

    And I haven’t even gotten that far, but it’s a “bit” SR, not “analog” because the last 3 bits can be used as gates, or converted to a number (up to 8 I guess?). And the rungler is at the center of its character. So building one inside an utility rack or something seems like the way to start.

    But I personally wouldn’t want to replicate it, merely be inspired by these designs of the master, and try to replicate some of its magic in drambo.

    For instance, before typing this, I tried that x-mod oscillators thing (disclaimer: I don’t know if I’m doing this right)

    It looks like it’s trying to spell something 😱

    And sounds like pouring rain 🥶

    What sorcery is this?

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    And with first attempt at SR feedback (It’s obviously wrong because it has a DC offset, I guess I need a filter here)

    But these are some very useable waveforms (for CV)

    Edit: I mean if you’re into krellcore, that type of thing

  • Cool sounds indeed @pedro!

  • Another crazy sound:

    Fresh from the alchemy lab 😅

  • Modulating the delay of the feedback modules can also get pretty wacky, and extend the time the results take to settle :)

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    Nice formula 🧪

    gotta love those non-linearities, there’s a portuguese philosopher that once said something like “if you follow too straight, you’ll lose the curvature of the earth”

    I don’t know exactly how this is relevant, I’m treading uncharted territory here

  • OMG I think I cracked the code!!!!

  • Finally found my profile picture 🤷‍♂️

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    Haha Nice @pedro

    I’ll be playing with this idea! (And just the feedback SND/RCV in general)

    Edit: uhm yeah, that definitely makes some noise!

  • try also what @NoiseFloored said, for some reason it never occurred to me, I thought feedback delay should be the least possible, but it is yet another dimension to explore

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    I found this very informative:

    He totally lost me on the z-plane, but the graphics are so pretty :)

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    I've read much of this before, years ago, but I picture life an ascending spiral (hence the z-plane), where you keep going throught the same motions, but every cycle with a heightened perspective.

  • I fell like a bull looking at a palace

  • Hey, if I’m oversharing, you guys let me know

  • It’s all good dude.

    I’m having a catch up and it looks very interesting. 😏

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    Also this thread with Rob Hordijk himself

    What the $#%$ is a rungler? 🤔

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    And of course, the key to it all:

    Can't figure which wires go over which...

  • Does any one know of a lissajous capable oscilloscope I could host in drambo? I have mirack but can’t find one there…. There are paid apps, some expensive some cheap, but I don’t want to invest until I know for sure it works with drambo (must be an auv3 capable of at least two inputs X / Y)

    Any recommendations?

  • Thaks @gravitas, that’s exactly what I needed. Somehow I missed it

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    Actually I had found etchasketchoscope already, problem is I can’t get it to work, I can only get variations on this line no matter what knobs I try. No dancing patterns. What am I doing wrong?

    edit: there’s an in app manual, maybe I should start by reading that…

  • There are two oscilloscopes that show Lissajous mode in MiRack. :)

  • Well that's just great, now there are two I don't know how to work with :)

  • @gravitas so I tried that one, unfortunatelly it still looks like when I toss the spaggheti in the pan... no curves. Maybe my assumption is wrong? I can't just connect two oscillators to the inputs of the mirack (fx version 16)? I tried amp'ing the signal, same results.

    OK, I'll RTFM...

  • You have to use the Stereo to L R module or hard pan left and right to split the signal to send them to

    the oscilloscopes otherwise all you get is a straight line either horizontally or vertically.

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