dRambo compatible midi controller list

Inspired by a discussion in regards to midi controllers and bi-directional feedback.

Here's the thread....


We need a list of midi controllers that are dRambo compatible.

Here's a list of the midi controllers that I use regularly please add one's that other dRambo users use.

Korg nanokontrol i

LaunchPad X

LaunchControl XL x2

Behringer X-Touch


  • I'd suspect that any class compliant MIDI controller that can send MIDI CC and Note messages will also be compatible with Drambo.

    If it's not class compliant but has hardware MIDI ports, Bluetooth dongles will help.

    The only exception are the Faderfox products, many of them can't power BT MIDI dongles.

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    Also worth noting if they can be ipad powered, imo. For instance my minilab can, but that cute Hercules dj thing that @rs2000 is so fond of, cannot, due to the flashy lights. That’s the only reason I haven’t bought one myself (although I realize most of you use much more complex setups, where you already have a powered hub anyway)

  • True. Although it doesn't make much of a difference for me because I have to use an adapter anyway and the CCK3 can be powered by a USB powerbank if needed.

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    @rs2000 @pedro

    I should’ve added to the post ”and what users would like to do with them”,

    as in visual feedback, what instruments they would like to create etc.

    also along with this some midi controllers have different ways of interacting or reacting to midi.

    For instance both the X-Touch and Akai Midimix need two note signals to

    switch the LED’s on and off whereas the LP X only needs one note signal like a keyboard.

  • i'm using Launchpad Mini as dedicated physical clip launcher (leaving iPad screen for Surface Builder stuff).

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    • Faderfox UC4
    • Faderfox EC4

    Both are Class-Compliant. Mapping works flawlessly.

    But UC4 has 8 Encoders and EC4 has 16 Encoders

    Encoders store their MIDI value internally because they have no start or end.

    To be able to use the advantage of encoders over potentiometers, they require that the target, e.g Drambo sends changes 1:1 (same Channel, same CC) back to the encoder device. If not, they work like potentiometers, meaning they use their internally stored position (MIDI value). If this differs from the position of a MIDI-learned knob in Drambo, the Drambo knob will jump to the value send by the encoder.

    A great example where the 1:1 sending is integrated perfectly is Loopy Pro, or the Moog synth software Model 15 and Animoog Z. When I have MIDI-learned my Encoders to a Moog synth and I change a preset, my Encoders get sent the new knob positions. Therefore no value jumping when using the Encoders

    Usage: Send CCs

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    • Expressive E Touché


    Usage: Send CCs

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    • Embodme Erae Touch


    But it has virtual sliders and buttons. Therefore to reflect changes in Drambo on the device, it requires 1:1 mapping. See previous Faderfox post.

    Usage: Send CCs , Program Change and Notes. MPE capable

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