Use MIIDI processor output to enter steps?


If I have a MIDI processor, e.g. the Chord module that gives me a chord by pressing a single key, is there a way for that to be used as if I actually pressed all the keys for that chord using the keyboard, so that when I click one of the steps it inputs the chord and not the individual note?

I appreciate that this behaviour would then trigger the module "twice" (or more if recording / in a loop), however in that case it would be enough to disable the module before hitting play/record.

By the way, it's possible to achieve this (and it works fine) having a drambo instance loaded within drambo (in the same track) and activating step recording and then dragging and dropping it into the host, however it would be much quicker if there was a way of routing the output directly into the "last keyboard input" buffer if that makes sense 😅



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