Send sysex to midi controller

I want to send custom sysex messages to midi output. For example: drambo midi sequencer send to midi output some sysex on every step (and pass step number as parameter to sysex data).


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    Everything is possible, but this one needs quite a lot of work - e.g. dedicated systex messages editor and its rather an exotic feature so its not a priority for now. But I'm gonna get back to this one day :)

  • Maybe there is an app that converts CCs to sysex?

  • I know it can be done in Streambyter (AUv3) and MidiFire (standalone):

    The code would look like this for converting CC #16 on channel 1, sending 7F/127 for ON:

    if M0 == B0 $16 $127

      send F0 43 10 7F 1C 07 30 47 03 00 F7



  • Thanx for answer. I just work on some hardware plugin, for my minilab mk 2 controller, that will it's extend feature. I will make control & blink pads in sequencer steps. If your app one day can send sysex, my developing hw plugin dont need me more to play with your cool app :)

  • MIDI => AUv3 host => Streambyter => Drambo AUv3


    MIDI => MidiFire => Drambo standalone.

    MidiFire and Streambyter both use the same code for converting CC to sysex.

  • I’ve put MOZAIC on a Drambo v1.40 track as an Audio Unit MIDI processor. It seems that SysEx generated in MOZAIC isn’t getting to the track output (notes and controllers are). It’s difficult to be absolutely certain because monitoring tools and interfaces aren’t always neutral but it would really help to know if SysEx is filtered by design at this release.

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    @AndyHoneybone I haven't sent sysex in a few releases but it definitely worked fairly recently. I used streambyter to control a yamaha wt-11.

    When I tried it last I was using the midi output module (track output didn't exist yet). Maybe try your test with that module and see if you have the same problem? I could see the Sysex maybe being filtered because it doesn't have a "channel".

  • You probably had a bad dream :)

    Drambo's midi output module and track ignore the sysex. Just passing the sysex shouldn't be to hard to implement.


    If you need just a single CC to rebuild the sysex it should be fairly simple with Mozaic or streambyter hosted in AUM or MidiFire.

    If you need more than one value it's a bit more tricky, there is a Mozaic converter script (2 way) here:

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    It worked when I wrote my script last year. You are right that it is broken now though!

    I pulled out my old script and the sysex doesn't seem to make it out of the module. mfxMonitor is usually pretty good about reporting sysex and hooking it up directly after streambyter it reports nothing. I did the same setup in aum and it works perfectly.

    @giku it looks like there was a regression and sysex messages now no longer transmit between modules in drambo.

  • @quartzite @mbncp01

    Thanks for your comments - really helpful. Thanks too for the tip on using mfxMonitor. I've started using Pocket MIDI Mobile which isn't AUv3 but has an editor for creating SysEx strings and can send dump requests and capture the response. I'm testing hosts for a MOZAIC editor for a hardware synth.

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