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@giku just want to say BIG thank you for this masterpiece ! It's amazing endless source of inspiration and creativity ... definitely app of the year .. you did outstanding job ! Rated just 5 stars in appstore because unfortunately there is not possible to give 6 .. or 10 ...

just recently released new album but i feel like it will take not much time to complete another one with drambo as basis :)



  • Thanks for this @dendy and i totally agree 1000% on this.

    Drambo is a masterpiece. Thanks for all that you have realized in this creation of yours @giku

  • Yep @giku killlled it! Drambo rips.

  • This is the most inspired I’ve been in some time.

    An amazing app that reveals something new with every use.

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    And now I'm feeling ashamed! Thank you so much guys! 

    I wouldn't finish this without such an exceptional community: vibrant, helpful and full of passion.

    2020 is reserved mainly for Drambo.

    Stay tuned!

  • I must say that I have never had an app that felt so exciting, so addictive and so inspiring.

    The last time I've experienced something like this was when Clavia introduced their Nord Modular system on a music fair in 1997. tHis was fun. But it was also quite limited in terms of DSP resources.

    Drambo is also the first app that I was able to build rather realistic snare drum models in a very short time, something I always struggled with in all other software modulars.

    The fact that Drambo can be used both as AUv3 instrument or AUv3 effect is a wonderful feature alone. This is something that the Audulus dev team has struggled with for very long and they still haven't made it.

    I cannot thank you, @giku, enough for building an app like this with so much passion and energy.

    I can only hope that you can find a way to take care of Drambo while maintaining your own personal peace and health. Drambo is nothing without you.

  • @dendy: Thank you for this thread!!

  • Yes a big thanks for Drambo, the hype has been fully justified. A rewarding audio playground which is as rich as it is friendly and accessible :)

    I'm going to be using this a lot in my projects.

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    @giku A big thanks from me also.. this app is amazing!!! I really really like it.... It feels like hardware to me and that's the main reason why I bought an iPad.

  • I agree with all that has been said above.

    It's amazing how the hype was enormous and yet it's still surpassed my expectations!

    I also thank you the fact that it's not resource hungry, as I don't have the funds right now to update from my iPad Mini2.

    Can't believe I'm using all this power and the iPad is not even lagging a bit.

    Thank you very much!

    A true coding and product masterpiece!

  • Late to the game here. Big big big thank you to BeepStreet for your vision and dedication (past and continued!). This is the tool I always wanted, I just didn’t know it!

  • Yes big thank you from me too. I have a feeling that Drambo was released just a little earlier than the developer would have liked to but, given the situation that were all in just now decided to treat us, dunno. Cheers😎

  • I’d also like to thank all of you that are sharing your knowledge. I’ve been in an uncreative time musically so right now, this is something to “learn” so that I will be ABLE to be creative when my mind finally allows it. All the videos and posts are amazing for me who doesn’t understand modular systems or synthesis in general. It’s been a tremendous learning opportunity and I am extremely appreciative of all you guys are doing for this platform expansion to the rest of us. I’ve got a note that I keep screenshotting good posts into so I can come back and try things.

    A helpful community is a happy community.

  • Thanks... It’s creeping .. and sorry about the Dumbo comments.. 😉

  • Thank you so much for creating Drambo! While it runs perfectly on my iPhone 11 Pro Max, this is the first app that’s ever made me really want an iPad. Absolutely love it!!!

  • yes!! many thanks!! what a wonderful creation!!

  • Yep, thanks to @dendy for the thread and especially @giku for making all this possible.

    I was excited about this app for long time and now even more. It's more capable then I ever imagined and this is only the beginning. It's a merge of two of my favourite music making tools ever made (OT & Nord Modular) and I can have it in my pocket.

    Still can't wrap my head around its efficiency.

  • Also thank you for the forum. I love audiob.us forum, but this was really needed for parsing through the chaff.

  • As opposed to starting some new thread about Drambo i might as well just add it here.

    So here we are, 2 weeks into using Drambo and i haven’t been this productive in Music Making for a long time.

    Drambo is a breath of fresh air on the iOS platform and is so much fun to use. Everything about it just feels right. It has taken all the good stuff from the hardware world and merged it with everything that is great about using Software. For me Drambo is one of those apps that doesn’t feel like an app...it feels like an extension of me as an artist. It’s a true work of art and technology and is the bar i will forever compare things to on any platform.

    Great work @giku for you have truly given us a work of Genius Realized and armed an entire generation of music makers with your vision.

    i had a vision the other night and it looked like this:

    is it too early for a Drambo Music Label? 😁

    Hope everyone is doing well. Peace and many blessings to you and yours 🙏🏼💕

  • @echoopera Thank you! It would be great to have a Drambo ep!

  • Just sigining in to offer my thanks for this app.

  • first post here and a big thank you ;)

  • Great concept, but moreover, Drambo has passed my expectations in terms of sound quality. IMO Drambo delivers in the low end like no other app (and many vsts!) Big thanks @Giku and testers.

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    THANK YOU 😀!!!!

    I've been buying and tinkering with iOS music apps for the past few year like I was searching for something and didn't know what it was. When Mosaic came out, I discovered I liked the challenge of using it for creating sounds. But Midi can only do so much.

    DRAMBO is like having a box of Synth circuits and parts that I can use to design my own instruments and sounds. For me, the rack, module, and connectivity system of DRAMBO are far more intuitive, easier, and faster to work with than other virtual-modular type Apps available on iOS.

    The best part, is DRAMBO provides tools to hide modules and compress creations, so the end result looks like an actual synth App!

    I've always wished I had the ability to code and create my own synths, and DRAMBO let's me create my own synths without having to learn how to code.

    The DRAMBO modular system is also a very comprehensive educational tool. Experiments can be accomplished rapidly, and as result I've become deeply fascinated with learning everything I can about the science of sound design. My first endeavor is to discover "why" various vintage analog synths have distinctive sounds. I'm researching articles about vintage synth design for finding clues. With DRAMBO I can test hypotheses to see if they are correct.

    My latest experiments involve answering my questions about why an Oberheim OBX sounds the way it does, and comparing it with the sounds of the Roland JP8 (two of my favorite vintage synths).

    One lead I discovered on the internet postulated that OBX sounds can be emulated by modulating a notch filter. I can test that using DRAMBO!

    Another lead from the internet postulates that the filters on the OBX voice cards each provides it's own variation in timing and depth to the cutoff and filter envelope, and it's these variations that endow the OBX with it's distinctive sound.

    I can test that with DRAMBO. I'm using "Voice Selector" modules to build a round-robin system that lets me construct virtual voice cards on each layer of a layer module. I can then experiment with varying the filter parameters for each "voice" on its own separate layer.

    I'm very much looking forward to additional modules becoming available for DRAMBO, and the exponential increase for sound experimentation they should facilitate.

    I hope to begin putting some of my experiments up on patch storage soon, as I think others might also enjoy exploring these concepts of sound design. Or for just for using the sounds.

    So yes....Thank you Giku!

  • Came here to say thank you! I’ve tried so many different apps and bits of hardware over the past couple of years but nothing’s ever quite clicked with me like this has. You’ve somehow combined my favourite features from a load of other stuff including some great performance tools and somehow made it easy to navigate and fun to use. Bravo! 😍

  • Thank you guys!

    It needs some further development but I hope its quite there now :).

  • Just want to reiterate what everyone else is saying here. This software is just plain awesome! Fantastic work and I can't wait to see how it evolves in the future.

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  • This app is really crazy and inspiring in all the best ways!

    Thank you! I hope that there will be lots of love for Drambo in the future.

  • Thanks Giku, not only for the amazing app itself, but for being so present in this community. You saved me lots of money on Elektron gear! (let's be honest, I'd still like Elektron gear, but not in this downturn!)

  • Thank you! Astonishing work.

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