A place for basic Drambo questions...

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I am learning Drambo and I’m sure I’ll have loads of pretty basic questions.

If I can‘t find the answers in the manual, in videos or in other threads I’m going to post them here to avoid having multiple threads that become redundant quickly.

If anyone else is in the same boat please feel free to post your questions here too, and if there is already a place for this or it’s been covered a load please point me in the right direction.


Q1. Velocity ...

Example. I load a Flexi sampler on track 1. Load a sample. Enter a load of trigs. Go into step mode and select a trig I would like to change the velocity of. Reduce the velocity slider on the midi note step component...

Nothing changes...

What am I doing wrong?


Also...I’ve seen mention of needing to set up patches to respond to velocity elsewhere. I don’t currently have a midi controller with velocity set up, but if I do set one up... How is this done please?



  • I did not! Problem solved... Thanks very much 👍️

  • Is there a way to select a track without triggering the sound?

    Can you adjust the level of samples when previewing before importing?

  • recrec
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    Disable TRIG (left to the cross fader).

    There is no volume control for sample preview. (@giku where is it monitored?)

  • Thanks

    Adjusting sample preview volume would really help me from messing up my ears any more 😳

  • Hi,

    Is there a way to set the LFO to trigger from the same start point in its cycle on every key press?

    I’m trying to make some bass sounds and having the LFO always start in the same place really helps.


  • Yes. If you also want to adjust the phase to be anything but 0 at start, use the LFO instead of the Mini LFO.

  • Thanks mate that’s really helpful

  • You're welcome @no1normal 😊

  • Is there a way to combine or stack a cycle condition and a scene condition?

    One seems to take priority over the other, so if I add a scene condition to a note on a trig which already has a cycle condition, the cycle condition no longer applies.

  • I've reported this a while ago and I think it would better work like you expect.

  • I’ve managed to crash Drambo repeatedly doing the following. Not sure if known.

    Using an instrument rack (built in presets recreate it)

    Add note 1 on a step1. P lock a parameter

    Add note 2 on a different step.

    Copy note 1 (the P locked step). Go in to step mode. Select note 2. Paste

    If you then try and move the original note on note 2 to after the pasted p locked step… Drambo crashes.

  • Thanks for reporting @no1normal!

  • Random question:

    Any tips on how to set up portamento on a patch to slide from one note to the next please?

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    Hi, I’d like to modulate oscillator fine tune. At the moment I only p lock this to a step.

    2 oscillators both set to sign waves. Amplitude is consistent on all notes in the scope. As soon as I p lock fine tune on the second oscillator to one step it seems to affect the phase of the oscillators somehow for all steps, and you can see the amplitude increase and decrease across all steps.

    This seems to happen in both the osc and the wavetable osc when using sign waves.

    I’m assuming this is due to phase but could be wrong.

    Just wondering if there is a way to turn off the random factor of the phase like in other synths (serum), to get a consistent signal and only change the phase when p locked?

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  • @no1normal You can send the trigger from MIDI to CV to osc Sync to make each note start at the same phase. Otherwise, the osc is "free running".

  • @no1normal

    You have control over the start phase on each oscillator by using the gate input. (Connecting it to MIDI2CV gate out is one way to use it).

  • Screen capture file type wouldn’t upload so I’ve zipped it.

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    Is there a way to key track the frequency of an LFO so it’s faster on higher notes and slower on lower notes?

    Edit 2

    Thought I’d figured it out but not.

  • Hi there, I have two questions regarding LFO’s

    a) how to delay the start of the LFO? (Like on a Juno)

    b) how to ramp up the intensity of the LFO? For instance I am using a beat synced LFO on a filter’s cutoff with a down saw, but I’d like the amount to retrigger on each note from zero and gradually go up to max?



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  • Thanks @Gravitas

    not quite what I want to achieve, but otoh as with many scenarios Involving Drambo : I like what I heard following your patch and it opened up unforeseen avenues of sound :)

    i don’t really want to modulate the speed of the lfo : I want to keep the beat sync but modulating the intensity: from zero lfo to full lfo modulation

    Where you have a lead note seemingly unmodulated but the longer the note is held the more the lfo modulation of the filter rhythmises the sound

    Still trying to wrap my head around

    any further tips appreciated



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    Would something like this work? You'd have to manipulate the delay start in the Graphic Env itself, but I think it should serve to produce the delay to the start of the LFO and the ramping up of the effect of it.

    Interestingly, I was thinking about this same issue just the other day while trying to recreate venerable the FL Studio 3xOSC synth in Drambo. The FL Studio LFO's have parameters for start delay and attack (amplitude ramping). It's a super useful thing to have.

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