How about tempo per clip row option?

....saved in the menu for sequencer clip rows under name you could add a tempo in BPM or none (doesn't change tempo). To keep things clean, there could be a little red symbol like a hashtag or something to notate that a row has an embedded BPM or not. That way you press a clip row and the whole thing changes on the downbeat of the next measure. You'd still be free to trigger individual clips from any row without effecting the session bpm. I know this feature would be very useful to a lot of users in many different contexts. Sorry if this has been discussed before, I can't seem to find a search function from my phone browser.



  • Anybodeeee??????


  • You might be able to midi feedback map the global tempo

  • Can you explain how that would work? I'm surprised no one else is interested in this idea....?

  • Interesting idea, I never thought about that.

    How would you handle absolute bpm values versus project tempo?

    This feature would need some more design questions answered I think.

    Also, I don't get how a lot of users would benefit from it.

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    sometimes a pic says more than 1000 words @rs2000

    hm, interestingly you can't change swing per scene 🤔

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    (you can give names to clips & scenes)

    so if u change the bpm or time signature - you name the scene accordingly ...

    (I use this in drambo to mark clips that play @ double speed ... ah the fast thing is here ... lets press it ... )

  • Ah thanks @lala, so it's absolute tempo only in Live. And Swing sounds like a feature request too 😉

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    To clear, what I'm suggesting is very much the way Ableton Live does it. Any clip can still be launched at the session tempo when triggered individually, but Live gives you the option of including a number followed by BPM in the name of the clip row (Live places it on the right, Drambo on the left) that will change the session tempo to that value cleanly on the downbeat of the next measure. Among other uses, I can see producers doing beat set format performances that include tempo locked samples, hit the row, boom it drops in perfectly on time. To further clarify, I'm suggesting that this be an OPTION to assign tempo to a row or not. Actually what also could be cool would be to allow tempo automation per row also, but maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.

  • p-lock the tempo knob to a clip and type the tempo into the clip name. The only thing it would be missing is Lives launch quantizing.

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    Tried doing that, but actually not sure of how to P Lock tempo. When I long press a clip, and press tempo it opens that menu.

    Am I missing something?

    Ooooooooo wait, there's a tempo module?!? 🤦 OK, will try that when I get back home ....

  • It's not a tempo module I share a project where a midi mapped tempo using midi feedback.

  • Yes thank you, it's working but I don't understand how and I haven't been able to recreate from scratch. Messing with it now.

  • @soysos The idea is to make advanced use of the fact that you can Midi map a MIDI message to adjust the project Bpm. The trick is to send only that exact MIDI message (usually a CC message from the CC Generator module) to Drambo's "MIDI Feedback" port, hence making it available for MIDI mapping like it was a message coming from an external MIDI controller. You then activate MIDI Learn on the project BPM field and wait until your running project has sent that cc message, then disable MIDI learn again.

  • Just a tip for when you go to midi map a feedback parameter I tend to hook an LFO up to the CC generator before I open Midi map because with Midi map turned on you can’t turn the knob. Then I replace the LFO with the knob. You can either do that or draw some automation for the knob. I prefer to use the LFO so I don’t have to delete automation.

  • Aaaaaah, I get it now! I didn't understand the function and purpose of MIDI feedback. Thank you @rs2000 and @Johnisfaster My guy BusCrates is gonna freak out, I've been trying to get him on the forum here, hopefully soon.@John

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    OK! Got it all working. Not clear on this statement tho:

    p-lock the tempo knob to a clip and type the tempo into the clip name.

    Not sure how to type in a name on the clip. I'm using the "main" track to store tempo changes, but I only see a way to name tracks or row launch buttons on the left, and how would naming the tracks a number connect to the value the p lock sends? In general this will work! Altho it wouldn't be a terrible thing if tempo change became a feature like in Ableton...

    "The only thing it would be missing is Lives launch quantizing."

    That works as well, when you turn on "Launch mode sync button" ..the little clock icon

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    click there and you can name clips

    Long press the row header and you can also name rows

  • Oh btw naming the clip the tempo won’t actually do anything I was just trying to make it seem more like Ableton for you ;)

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    OKOK, great! I'm laying it out like this ☝🏼..Perfect! Another question @Johnisfaster or @rs2000 is where does this p-lock show up and is it editable? Because I don't see it in the sequence step editor (under comp) or parameters automation editor. The main option seems to be, swipe up and scroll left to "clear p-lock" but no way to see it or edit it. Also somewhat tricky dialing in the knob module with it's value = a value displayed on the temp value displayed above...

    Thank you all for your help. Drambo is the gift that keeps on giving 🧡

    Thanks for the notification detail, that page wasn't visible on my android phone in chrome...

  • Go to your profile—>edit and there’s a notification preferences option

  • Got it, it wasn't visible from my phone for some reason....

  • It can be a little tricky dialing in the tempo. If you hold the knob for a second and then drag right or left you get fine control which I don’t think is very common knowledge. If you find it skipping a number you want try going into midi mapping and changing the range. Ive got it mapped for a much broader range than you’ll probably need. A smaller range would give finer control.

  • Soooo here's a finding I've noticed:

    When saving tempo p-locks as clip automation on the whole clip, I was noticing a bit of flaming on the down beat when switching between tempo variations of the same pattern. I didn't have the same issue when creating tempo chances as p-locks on the step sequencer, step one. Thoughts?

    Oh and here's something else... I've created a tempo change of 130 BPM, it works over and over correctly and now suddenly it's changing the tempo to 129 BPM now. Any idea of what's going on? Not so crucial to me now, but my friend BusCrates want to eventually use Drambo to do beat sets where he can tempo lock in various original tracks, play the sequencer along adding additional elements live and be able to switch tempos for each beat.

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    This is kinda a shot in the dark but if you go into the Midi mapping and significantly lower the range of control to something like 50-80 I think you'll be more successful in landing specific tempos and getting them each time.

    Flamming might be a problem I can't fix though.

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    Thanks @Johnisfaster , I changed the range to 15-75%, it now gives me 47-155BPM range.

    That's actually still giving me occasional +/- 1 BPM differences.

    BTW, to be clear, I'm not getting the flamming when tempo changes are stored on step one of the step sequencer of the main track. So that's good

  • I think I improved it. The knob was outputting a crazy range of numbers. I switched it back to -1 to +1 and I think its improved the recall. Check 0.2 and let me know how it works on your end.

  • Thanks for this! I went into the mapping and edited the low end all the way down to 20bpm. Works great here!

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    uhhh.. delete me

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