Recreate Elektron Model Cycles in Drambo


I’m a newbie with Drambo but simply fascinated by this powerful app. Wow, it’s a must have and really on the top of all music apps.

i’m not an owner of Elektron Model Cycles but plan to buy one soon.

But I ask myself if somebody tried to recreate the M:C in Drambo. Knowing the power of this fantastic app I’m quiet sure it’s possible.



  • You could get very close. The manual for Cycles (pg. 35) does not disclose the exact FM structures and other synthesis for each machine, so it would be hard to replicate it exactly, but almost all the parts should be there.

    Drambo obviously borrows heavily from Elektron’s sequencer and p-locks, so even without the exact same sound engine, the workflow is there.

  • Yes the sequencer is here and maybe more powerful than M:C’s one.

    For the sound if somebody owns a M:C (me maybe soon) he could try to recreate by starting from the knobs full left then each knob full right to recreate each knob action. Maybe I’m wrong.

  • i have not had the time to look but there should be some videos on YouTube that walk through each machine’s parameters. You should be able to get pretty close I would think, Drambo has a big toolbox. The only thing that might inhibit you would be the left to right signal flow (if the Cycles engines have a lot of feedback) and the macro knobs (getting the right interaction between parameters in Drambo for maximum sweet spots).

  • Definitely possible! In fact I've planned to do this with a Digitone one day. But I guess my Wavestate is going to keep me too busy atm 😁

  • I’ve definitely been gassing a cycles the last couple of weeks, looks well mellow

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