Interfacing dRambo with Eurorack



  • I've been window shopping recently as in last night and I came to the realisation that

    I can actually build my own versions of quite a few synths or something else entirely with dRambo. :)

  • Totally. As Drambo keeps getting better and more AUv3s come out, my urge to integrate it with hardware goes down ;). The ability to work on tracks anywhere is just too compelling.

  • Agreed.

    Basically I'm putting together the vactrols n stuff so that I can best understand how modular works

    but other than that I'm very happy with dRambo and my existing hardware.

    There are a couple more pieces that I want to get but I'm seriously having fun as is. :)

  • Fast forward to now.

    A Behringer Crave is now winging it’s way to me as I type.

    I saw it for an amazing price on Ebay and I simply couldn’t pass it up

    so here’s some in flight entertainment until it arrives.

  • Just read recently that soon the uglier brother from another mother should hit the stores too finally (DFAM copy).

    when it does they should make a disturbing appearance on my desk too :D

  • I noticed that as well.

    It may create a disturbance on this side of things as well. ;)

  • For those interested in such things.

    Here's a midi to cv converter.

  • Oh and for those who are interested in other things.

    Teenage Engineering do an affordable 24db standalone low pass filter,

    I hope they're standalone as the blurb suggested that,

    and you can get Eurorack mounts for their individual module range.

    If you were to buy the modules for the POM-400 individually

    they're not that much more than a full on POM-400 not including the mount.

    I've bought two of these filters

    and they are winging their way to me now so once

    they arrive I'll go through what power supply is needed,

    how they sound and most probably I'll do a track as per....

    Until then...

    Have a browse.

  • @gravitas

    Nice and quirky :)

    looks like neither the ports or the pots are surface mounted... are you planning to get front panels as well?

    was kinda surprised that there was not much noise since TE started its modular line few years ago... let us know how they fair :)

  • @rec

    "Nice and quirky :)"

    That's what I thought also.

    I also found a couple other quirky filters which I will eventually add to the links list.

    "looks like neither the ports or the pots are surface mounted..."

    I think they are surface mounted but shaped for the POM-400.

    The panels are third party and fit the Eurorack format really well at first glance.

    "are you planning to get front panels as well?""

    Most probably not as I'm about to start prototyping overlays, synth stands and Eurorack cases.

    I'm having some stuff custom built and if enough people are interested I can make some more.

    Fortuitously Teenage Engineering have the precise measurements

    for the dimensions of their modules in PDF form which we're going to use.

  • Looking forward to see and hear them in action.

    Also keep us posted regarding the overlays... those ugly behringer clones could use a facelift :)

  • @rec

    "Also keep us posted regarding the overlays... those ugly behringer clones could use a facelift :)"

    For sure, I should have the prototype photos by tomorrow at least.

    They've already 3D printed a stand for test purposes. :)

  • I had one of these, used it briefly. Works fine, but if I remember right it can't do negative voltage (matters for some applications).

  • edited March 2023

    Quick update.

    About a week and a bit ago I ended up playing with former Jamaroqui

    drummer and founder member of Ozric Tenatacles Nick van Gelder.

    It was a wicked off the cuff gig, down in a basement in North London.

    Brought back old school vibes instantly, anyway I thought I'd share that with you.

    If you do Facebook here's the link for a snippet of the jam.

    I'm on guitar.

    Carole Therese Beausaint on vocals and Alex Countouris on bass.

    Carole, Alex and I have been jamming since forever.

    I love playing with them. :)

  • edited March 2023

    Anyway back on topic.

    So after window shopping recently,

    I quickly came to the realisation why semi modular synths are so popular and

    in perspective why apps such as dRambo, MiRack and VCV Rack are so attractive.

    Once you've added up the cost of some of the modules available

    one may as well get a ready made synth or build them virtually for a fraction of the cost.

    I'm sure many know this already but I'm coming "fresh" from learning modular concepts via dRambo.

    The other thing I've noticed about Eurorack modules is that many of these modules

    could be replicated in dRambo or are in MiRack,

    from the oscillators to even some of the mega synths if one is patient enough to put it together.

  • For instance take the Wavetable oscillator in dRambo, it's quite something.

    A forum user over on Synthstrom Audible recorded

    their Moog Matriarch and made the wavetables available for free.

    These are brilliant to experiment with.

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    Fun :)

    Yea I find it kinda funny how many digital modules have entered modular. A wavetable osc costs like $200 😂.

    Modular definitely has a purpose, but its not cheap and loses a lot of features like presets. I find using Drambo + AUv3s much more compelling. Maybe run the audio through an analog filter / saturator or two for some warmth, and maybe bring in an analog synth.

  • @quartzite

    "Fun :)"

    Yeah it was. :)

    "Yea I find it kinda funny how many digital modules have entered modular. A wavetable osc costs like $200 😂. "

    That's what I thought also.

    "....Maybe run the audio through an analog filter / saturator or two for some warmth, and maybe bring in an analog synth."

    Great minds think alike.

    I'm waiting patiently for my Teenage Engineering filters and Behringer Crave to arrive.

    I got two filters as I want to do stereo stuff as well and I've got enough distortion pedals to add "grit". ;)

  • Whilst I’m waiting…

    There’s a story there, I’ll get to that later…

    Anyway have a look at this…

    I’m more than sure dRambo can do this…

  • Woo hoo, my filters arrived in the post.



    There need a separate battery pack or power supply.

    More news as it happens.... 😁

  • Nice :)

    I'm using an Analog Four MkII and an Analog Drive for my warming needs. It works especially well because iOS can use the Analog Four MkII as a class-compliant soundcard and route additional audio to different parts of the Analog Four signalchain. I have a fun setup going where I feedback the Analog Drive back into the Analog Four, gives me a lot of blistering noise potential that can be fully "presetted" for different tracks. The Analog Four also gives me an analog bass synth with 2 voice unison which is really fun.

    I love how tidy it is.

  • That sounds very cool.

    On my part my distortion/warming needs are provided by

    four guitar distortion pedals in series with four dynacompressors.

    It took me a moment to get the correct signal levels going in and out of my UMC1820

    as it was overloading the inputs but now it's all sussed and sounds really good.

    It's going to be a challenge taking my rig out for performances but it's doable.

    The Teenage Engineering filters are going to used alongside the Crave when it arrives.

    That's story by the way...

    It was supposed to have been here last week Thursday.

    It's not yet with me so I'm doing the usual, emails, chatting to bots and answer machines.


    I recently designed a synth inspired by the DeepMind 12 so

    I'm currently running five of those and a Karplus based groove box on my other iPad.

    Both are being controlled by my LC XL's. :)

  • Finally, my Behringer Crave landed and created a major disturbance on my music desk.

    Pictures will be turning up as and when…

    Dun, dun, daaaaaa……;)

  • Okay, once I’m really comfortable with the Crave I’ll do a video or something.

    First impressions?

    I wanna another one, it’s really cute.

    It’s also nice being able to physical patch stuff the way I do inside my head.

    It came without cables so I’ve made six patch cables out of the cables I’ve already got just to get going.

    It’s also the first time I’ve actually tested the cv signal out from my Komplete Audio mkii.

    It works but…I need an amplifier for the signal as it’s only +2-2v which doesn’t cut it.

    There’s other stuff like having floating ring cables for outputs 3+4.

    Easily done.

    Okay, I’m heading off to take the Crave out from atonal to tonal.

    Let’s see what happens next shall we.

    Oh yeah, the SYNTHTRIBE app which can be found on the app store

    works a treat except that it’s locked to portrait rather than landscape.

    Regardless it’s very handy for the ASSIGN output.

    I have dRambo sequencing the notes via midi, I’ve assigned cc 1 to “ASSIGN” and

    now happily sending an LFO and pitch to the Crave’s VCF.

    On that note….

  • The journey is deep.

    It sounds wickedly good.

    It squelches differently from digital synths.

    I really like it and it's going to be a topic for conversations in the future.

    Absolutely fab.

    Maybe I should get some sleep.....On that note... :)

  • Custom stands and overlays are currently being discussed so here’s a taster as it were.

    Behringer Crave with prototype stand.

    More photos to follow.

  • So on a more pertinent note.

    Basically a Behringer Crave or Moog Mother 32 consists of the following modules.

    1 x Oscillator with a choice of square wave with pulse width,

    (PW determines the horizontal length of the square wave) or saw wave.

    1 x 24db filter

    1 VCA

    1 x LFO

    1 x sequencer with arpeggiator

    This can easily be built in dRambo.

    dRambo already has a step sequencer inbuilt, you could get adventurous and build your own which

    I would encourage you to do as it’s rather fun especially when it’s merged with a midi controller,

    more on that later.

    dRambo has quite a range of oscillators and now it includes the ability to make your own shapes.

    How many LFO’s would you like?

    and what about filters?

    Need I say more…

    Well yes I do….

    Happy 3rd Birthday dRambo.

    Thanks @giku for making such a wonderful creative space

    and to all of the dRambo users out there, “Peace 😇✌🏾”.

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