Interfacing dRambo with Eurorack



  • Quick update.

    Photos for the prototype stands including the overlays will be ready by the end of the week.

    The linear power supply to power eurorack arrived today.

    Its a big beast to run only two filters so next up I’m going to find out how to connect up said beast

    because though it did come with instructions I need to research mains power supplies.

    Who said Eurorack was easy….smh……😁

  • @rec Protoyping the overlay has started.

    Raw basic. ;)

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    I was looking a little "beauty case"

    the new deopfer stereo filter

    after I added all the utilities I want

    (envelope follower, gate divider, modulatable lfo, 2 x modulatable envelope, Noise/s&h, joystick)

    I looked at how much I have to pay 😳 🤪

    no thx , endless money pit

    its always the same

    I start looking at things and then its ah I need this and that,

    then I build something that makes sense to me , then I look at how much that would cost and I think somebody get me out of here ^^

    and if I look at small systems its always missing this and that to not be to boring to me 👾

  • I hear you for sure and agreed it is a money pit.

    I’ve got some ideas floating around for non expensive boutique cases that can hold a few modules.

    Currently thinking them through now and I may have a working model very soon. :)

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    joysticks (XY) are really cool (all it needs to do is stay where u left it, and not snap back)

    but the prices are silly 🤣

    cutoff on up and down

    and reso and lfo speed on left right 😋

    (lfo does AM on vca)

    uh baby, dont sexy talk to me like that 😏 😂

  • Here’s a single stand concept for one passive module.

    I should have another for three modules with external power supply ready by next week.

  • @lala

    I’ve got my eye on this one.

    It’s the most affordable way to get the Arp 2600 oscillator.

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    take all 3 together

    makes a complete Roland arp clone for 300 bugs, makes one think 🤔 😂

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    must be the cheapest module ever

    vco vcf vca 95€

  • In regards to LFO’s I’m going to be using dRambo’s

    via an audio interface or midi to cv interface or both. :)

  • yeah I guess doing most of the modulation with the computer is the thing to do

  • It reduces the need for loads of modules.

    Combining dRambo with hardware

    is the way forward for sure.

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    my color of noise utility sure comes in handy too ^^

    its such a drag to get interesting noise out of white noise ^^

  • Working with ES-8, a marvel as it allows also adat from big converter and back 8 channels, besides the 8 cv out and 4 cv in.

    Would be neat to have drambo sync one day to cv gate input, similar to analog sequencer advancing per clock step instead of digitally guessing the bpm from a series of even clocks (which would be also great). That would save us of unstable midi clocks or fluctuating ableton link, syncing to analog clock.

    Of course that would mean all modules relying on clock to become unusable incl some hosted auv3s which need also clocking. But that’s a whole world of other modules usable incl cv sequencers and the drambo sequencer conditions.

    miRack can ofc sync to incoming gate and spit back anything with a very low round trip latency (<2ms). But Drambo synthesis sounds ages ahead..

    in fact I’ve already made a patch with incoming gate from eurorack, for an enveloppe or cv seq.. works great

  • @loreamon

    I’ve seen and heard plenty good reviews in regards to Expert Sleepers.

    I most probably will get one eventually.

    Agreed, it would be cool but as you’ve mentioned if you’ve got dRambo and you’re into modular

    then most probably you’ll have MiRack and the Clocked module in there is pretty comprehensive

    for providing midi sync possibilities.

    My normal practice is to simply keep dRambo as the brains and then sort everything else out from there.

    It makes things really simple.

  • On another note.

    Alongside starting the designs for the overlays there’s also going to be a “Crave” inspired synth turning up very soon. ;)

  • Quick update.

    This arrived in the post this morning.

    Yup, it’s already connected up to the Crave and yes and I will post up visuals in regards to it’s oscillator shapes. ;)

  • Interestingly enough via dRambo’s External CV module

    I’m able to get 4 useable octaves via the Komplete Audio mkii audio interface

    and sufficient levels to get send the Moog Werkstatt envelops and albeit not at full range LFO’s etc.

    Via the Behringer Crave using “ASSIGN” set to CC midi Crtl 1 I’m also able to one full range Cv signal controllable

    using dRambo this time via Midi.

    Obviously I can patch CV signals directly from the Crave into the Moog which is turning out o be quite a lot of fun.

    Im currently designing a one size fits all Crave preset using “ASSIGN” with

    an envelope, LFO which can be creatively used for the VCF.

    Theres also a dRambo module only preset on the horizon, more on that later. ;)

  • Opps I’ve just proof read my earlier comment…tut, tut, tut….

    Sorry about the typing errors…Anyways back the lab….;)

  • And in the nature of true experimentation?

    I blew resistor R17, marked 4R99 in the Moog Werkstatt.

    Apparently it happens quite a lot.

    It’s a 4.99 ohm resistor and not a 4.99k resistor.

    Now waiting for replacement resistors with ample spares just in case. :)

  • Figured out why the Moog Werkstatt resistor blew.

    I’m powering both the Crave and the Werkstatt from the same 12V d.c power supply.

    Apparently when the Werkstatt is under powered it can burn out that particular resistor.

    Next time round both synths will have their own power supply.

  • My Korg NTS-1 arrives this afternoon.

    Here’s a patch I made for it using the CC Generator (multi) module.

    In this way one can save presets for the Korg NTS-1 as the NTS-1 doesn’t save presets.

  • Next up are the Teenage Engineering Filters.

    I found this on Ebay

    and it can power one filter for sure.

    I’m going to test it with two on the morrow.

    For reference sake, the cables for the Teenage Engineering modules are as follows

    Red = 12v+

    Black = Ground

    White = 12v-

    It’s quite fun using the CV signals from the Crave to modulate it.

    Even more so that we can modulate it using dRambo via the Crave.

    I’ve been doing more research and I’ve found a possible way to turn

    AC coupled audio interfaces into DC coupled outputs.

    Have a look here on the Expert Sleepers site,

  • I’ve been playing around with the Teenage Engineering Filter.

    It’s lovely.

    It’s squelchy and everything.

    The resonance sings like a bird.

    I’ve neatened up the power supply module a bit temporarily until I’ve figure out it’s housing etc.

    It sounds fab.

  • Moog Werkstatt is now repaired.

    Here’s the replacement for the culprit that blew.

    It’s an 4.99 ohm resistor size 0805.

    The Moog is working now and I’m chuffed with my tribbles.

  • Quick update.

    Current rig.

    The power supply module for the Teenage Engineering Filter module

    is now soldered and protected with heat shrink

    There is noise coming out from the T.E. filter but I don't know

    if it's to do with the power supply or if it's inherently noisy.

    I'll find out soon enough.

    As a self oscillating filter???

    It's wicked.

    I'm sending it a KBCV signal (1V/oct I think) and you

    basically adjust the signal to scale on the T.E Filter cv input.

    The really cool thing is that the T.E Filter has two cv inputs for freq.


    It also has three audio outputs.

    More fun.

    It covers about four octaves closely and then starts to drift either side of the freq range.

    Instant sub bass. :)

  • oh, vactrols contain cadmium 👾

    didnt know that

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