Interfacing dRambo with Eurorack



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    what does your audio I/O look like?

    im thinking of getting a patchbay again ...

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    Audio inputs / outputs

    Air 3 + Behringer UMC1820


    Ch 1+2 Finger Squire Jazzbass + Epiphone Wildkat electric guitar

    Ch 3+4 Behringer Q802 mixer for Korg Volca Drum + Beats + Korg NTS-1+ JV1010 sound module

    Ch 5+6 distortion + dyna compressors pedals (3+4 normally have distortion pedals as well however look above)

    Ch 7+8 Joemeek C2 opto stereo compressor


    Ch 1+2 Master Mix

    Ch 3+6 distortion + dyna compressors

    Ch 7+8 Joemeek

    ADAT out is for the Expert Sleepers ES-3 which serves for both CV voltages and audio

    SPDIF input/ output and ADAT input are currently unused

    iPhone 7 + Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 mkii


    Ch 1 unused

    Ch 2 vocal mic

    Ch 3+4 Teenage Engineering 24db/oct self oscillating filters with dRambo oscillators + VCA + LPG

    Ch 5+6 Behringer Crave + Moog Werkstatt via SPDIF IN using a Zoom U-44 in standby mode


    Ch 1+4 are being used for CV voltages

    Ch 5+6 is the master mix which goes into a Behringer SRC2496 + dBX 266A compressor via SPDIF

    The Master outputs from both idevices are then summed using a Subzero SZ-MIX08 usb mixer and

    then finally I use a Soundcraft Notepad 5 usb to monitor on my main monitor speakers and via headphones.

    Because the Soundcraft Notepad 5 also has an inbuilt usb audio interface I can use

    any idevice or android compatible device to get the main mix direct to video or live stream.

    Coincidentally all of the mixers currently being used have inbuilt usb audio interfaces

    so I can tap into the signal path at almost any point of the signal chain.

    A patchbay would certainly be useful in the future however I’ve got more than enough to play with. ;)

  • And then this arrived through the post today courtesy of a really good friend of mine.

    I haven’t plugged it in yet however it does look dreamy. :)

  • let the fuzz begin ^^

  • More news to follow.

  • My Korg Volca Drum and iphone stand, obviously the iphone is running dRambo.

    I recently learnt how to do 3D printing.

    It’s basic but more than serviceable. ;)

  • My first hybrid live stream in the dRambo Group on Facebook.

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